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• The silver has arrived safely. It is perfect! I am so happy I found you on the internet. The repairs and sugar caster top are beautiful. You are an outstanding artist as well as an excellent craftsman. Nancy McCarthy

• I want to let you know how much your site is appreciated. I was clueless about silver care, and when I researched online about the product I had already purchased (but not yet used), I learned it was considerably more abrasive than I needed (per reviews on Amazon and elsewhere). It wasn't until I found your website, particularly the abrasion ratings and silver care guide, that I felt equipped to do a decent job using the right products, so that I could take care of (and not wreck) the things I love.   Thank you so much for making that possible. Lisa Green

• I was astonished to see how beautiful my Matthew Boulton tea kettle is after your repairs. Matthew Boulton himself would be proud. You are truly a master of your craft and the wait was well worth it. I know you went the extra mile for me on the total repairs and I greatly appreciate that. I told you I was rejected by every repair person I showed the kettle to who said "it will never look right again." Well, they were all wrong! I cannot thank you enough.Carole Thomas

• Just unpacked the silver. BEAUTIFUL, MARVELOUS, WONDERFUL. Artisans who can do this level of work are quite rare in any field, so I am glad to know you. Thank you so much. Dennis Kupec

• The compotes arrived today, and they are gorgeous! Thank you very much. I'm sure that my niece will be as delighted with them as I am. It has been a pleasure to work with you. I am so glad I found your website. Martha Ross

• Wanted to let you know that the package arrived safely. At risk of embarrassing you; your care and work on our knives is a joy to see in a decayed age of mass-marketed rubbish, and so-called service providers that should be – gently – confined to homes for the bewildered. My wife – a retired interior designer, and seller and framer of 18th century fine prints – who regards herself as "very picky" particularly wanted me to say that your work is "spectacular." We've owned the Moses Brent knives a long time – without being able to readily use them – and the combination of new blades and your restoration to the hafts; put them on our diner table this evening. The candy... appreciated. We are casting about for more silver work! Mike Hanford

• The quality of your work is exceptional. I could not have imagined how well my tea set turned out. I almost threw out the salt caddies because of the damage. Glad I didn't! They are my favorite pieces. Glad you were able to expedite delivery.  Robin Seymour

• I very, very much appreciate your link to your Web site page on silver care. It's great piece of information! You opened up a whole new world in protecting not only silver but guns, coins, camera gear, whole closets, etc. I just bought 12 40-gram hydrosorbents and 2 900-gram. If these work out I am going to buy many more. I several valuable guns, camera bodies, and lens that are very costly I certainly want to keep dry but I was unaware of this product existed for the consumer. I am going to order the Intercept strips for the silver chests that I own as well. I will use the intercept strips and one 40gram silica gel in each silver chest. This should totally control sulfur gas and humidity very effectively. All this new information has made me quite motivated to clean my sterling up to a high degree then return all items to the storage cabinets only incorporating these anti-tarnish measures!  You made my day! A huge thank you again! I have bookmarked your Web site. Jerry Walliser

• Your return shipment back to me arrived last night and I wanted to tell you how pleased and impressed I am with the results of your work on my Georg Jensen flatware. The repairs on my gravy ladle and soup spoon were so perfect that I cannot see any trace of the damage; the pieces are perfect in shape, yet match the patina of the rest of the set.  our polishing work on all of the pieces is exactly what I wanted.  hey look beautifully maintained yet retain their well-earned patina. Thank you so much for your meticulous work. Craig Whitehead

• Holy cow, you're a magician. The creamer is perfect. How in the world did you do that? I took a class in metalworking quite a while ago, though it was mostly copper, brass, and only a little silver. It gave me some appreciation for the skill required in the art. I'm beyond amazed. I can't detect any tool marks even on the inside. There's absolutely no indication that a problem ever existed. You've exceeded my expectations of what I thought was possible. Thank you. Lance Garrett

• They're GORGEOUS!!!  They [candelabras] have been in my family, this being at least the third generation. They may have looked as they do now a hundred years ago, but never in my lifetime. Our dining room sparkles with them. A sincere thank you,Carol Dorey

• Our Chinese Export silver arrived safely today. The workmanship is beyond our greatest imagination. How pleased we were when we opened the package, and to our delight it was wonderfully polished and the dents were all removed. It is in superb condition and we do so appreciate your artistic abilities. Patricia K. Koble

• The Stone bowl and Jensen tea caddy arrived today. Once again, you have exceeded my expectations. The quality of your work is superb! Raymond Tippit

• I received the spoon today and am just astonished at how amazing your work is. It's more beautiful than it was originally and well worth the wait! Thank you so, so much. Alethea Sargent

• I highly recommend Jeffrey to anyone requiring silver restoration – regardless of age or condition. He clearly has complete mastery of the silversmith's art and, moreover, is a serious student of both the history of silver work and of the ancient techniques used in creating them. Working with him was a great experience. Alden Richards

• Jeff, the work you did is amazing! We are so appreciative. The spoons belonged to my Grandmother and are of great sentimental value to me. We put them both on the counter and honestly could NOT tell which was the damaged one – that you had repaired – and which was the one that was "fine." Fabulous work, wonderful craftsmanship, truly restored back to it's original beauty. A million thanks! Edith "Edie" Roth

• I really appreciate what you accomplished with my pitcher. Where there were dents, dings, and other signs of hard use, there is now a piece true to its arts and crafts heritage but showing no evidence of either the damage or the repair. Thank you for your efforts. Alan Ingram

• I can't thank you enough for the beautiful job you did on my family silver. It is superb. Every piece looks like 'new' and yet...not! Thank God. Thank you for putting up with my schedules – you are a very nice man and I am very grateful to you for accommodating me and for repairing my beautiful old silver. Please use me as a reference if you ever need one. Margaret Brooks

• We opened the silver this week and put it away. It looks BEAUTIFUL! Just wanted to thank you for doing such an excellent job, for the silver polish, and the careful wrapping and shipping of the pieces. We're very happy with the results and thankful for your work! Meredith Kwock

• This is just a brief note to say that the silver, looking absolutely resplendent, arrived today by UPS. I am quite convinced that you have made it look better than it did in the silversmith's shop in Oxford when purchased in 1975. Stunningly good job, and much appreciated. We are also grateful for your site with tips on how to maintain the polish. It is so rare to find work well done these days in our throw away culture that my husband, daughter and I were all terribly impressed. I will certainly recommend you if any friends here deplore the state of their silver. Nicole Jordan

• I received the Russian silver spoons and forks back this past week. They look great! Thank you very much for the outstanding work you did to them. The monograms are fully removed and the remaining surfaces are remarkably blended in nicely. The monograms seemed to me to have been somewhat deeply inscribed but that clearly was not a problem for you. The transition with respect to the beveling was executed perfectly. There is definitely the presence of art in your work. Best regards, Donald Picard

• I have NEVER been more delighted with work done by anyone – on anything! Jeff, I can not thank you enough for the superb job you did on my candelabra. Thank you more than I can express. I shall DEFINITELY keep your information and pass it on. Sebastian Paquette

• I couldn't be more pleased with the restoration you accomplished on my plate. The extensive chased dedication almost covered the central disk and it is now impossible for me to see any hint it was ever there. Your work is doubly impressive given the depth of the chased lettering and the distortion that process caused through the full thickness of the silver. I hope the techniques you developed will be of value in your future work. Thank you again for the artistry and uncompromising craftsmanship you lavished on my piece. Alan Ingram

• Well, I received the silver...and it is no longer tired and worn was did a good job...I like my silver to look in mint condition just like it came out a hundred years ago but with an antique look and you accomplished other words I like it to look fresh and clean...your packing was great...I will not have to worry anymore about a silversmith. Chuck Hasker

• All looks great – no, fabulous! In fact, the Kirk spoons of my great grandparents look so good now, I  might have to send you some more of them that have been rendered shabby by comparison. The kettle and stand are exactly what I'd hoped for. Pat Griffin

• The tureen is magnificent. I am so glad that you went ahead with the piece. As always, your work greatly enhances the appearance, quality and value of whatever we send to you. Millicent Creech, M. Ford Creech Antiques

• I am delighted with your work and appreciate the ease of the whole transaction. I will look forward to working with you again. Thank you for your expertise. Your craftsmanship is excellent. Gail Sasso

• Thank you so very much for your expert, attentive service!!...and you DID get them to me for Christmas, as well! How fortunate for me that I "discovered" your FINE web site and FINEST workmanship – we appreciate it and will call on you again, I expect. Marty (& Bob) Rudolph

• We received the cup and could not believe it was the same piece. It was astonishing that it could be repaired to the degree it was and exceeded our expectations to say the least.  Thank you so much for all your attention; again, you exceed expectations in every way. Don and Jack Pringle

• Received our piece today. It is just gorgeous. If this is the antique version, rather than new from factory I can hardly imagine what it must have looked like brand-new. Whatever I can do to offer reviews or customer feedback, let me know! Thanks for the extra attention to our shipping timing and location! Erika Woodhouse

• The 2 demitasse pots match beautifully now.  The repair work is so fine that I had to check the Gorham date marks on their bases to determine which one used to have the dented side and which one had the crumpled pedestal foot.  They both look "new" but still have the wonderful patina they acquired over the last 100+ years. Bravo! John Musselman

• The huqqa arrived yesterday in good order. I want to thank you for doing a wonderful job, I can't begin to tell you how grateful we are and thoroughly pleased with the repairs. The huqqa now is absolutely beautiful. Les Morris

• My candelabra lay on the table for years until I found you, and I am glad I waited! You are the very best. Rev. Diane S. Nagorka, Ph.D

• Some months ago I acquired that Arthur Stone bowl which could charitably be described as an "Ugly Duckling."   After washing and repeated gentle polishing, all done following the instructions on your Web site, it had achieved "Plain Jane" status - underlying beauty but with superficial but obvious flaws.  After your polishing and careful repatination of the chased blossoms it is a true beauty.  It is a treasure and I am grateful daily that I had the good sense to send it to you. Now, instead of fretting about the surface flaws, I admire the craftsmanship and artistry that went into this piece. Alan Ingram

• I received the Sterling Tiffany Pea Spoon tonight. The piece is absolutely beautiful! Having looked through your Web site and read the comments from happy customers, my expectations were high. I have to say you exceeded my elevated expectations! The serving spoon looks like it just came out of the Tiffany workshop back in the day...absolutely gorgeous. I'll be contacting you in the future whenever I need your professional silver restoration services. Thank you!  David S.

• The caddies are absolutely fabulous, Jeff!  Thank you for doing a marvelous job. Tom & Myrna Stone

• UPS pulled up just as I pulled into the driveway. Your work is incredible. We are very happy with the result. It lays right inside another spoon and measures up perfectly. The only I have to polish all the silver! Bob Gotschewski

• I received the spoon today and it looks wonderful! My wife and I are very pleased with the repair. Thank you for your fine work in restoring and saving an 18th century piece. Jay O'Reilly

• I have to tell you, I am flabbergasted at how accurate your work is. I checked the old and new cup holders against one another and I couldn't tell the difference. Astonishing! Many, many thanks for your great work! I'm delighted to have the complete set again. Thanks again. Lisa Deitch

• The now beautiful Ford & Tupper staghead piece arrived today. I really thought this piece of silver deserved to be brought back to life. F&T are a favorite short lived NYC silversmithing partnership. I am so very pleased, Jeff!  You did a wonderful job with the repairs. Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation for the beautiful job you did with this piece of silver. Ann Cooper

• Very pleased and thrilled with your work on the butter dish & stand and the teapot. You did more for the butter dish than I thought was really possible. This afternoon, I greatly enjoyed tea from the pot without fear of disaster. I am sure the China man sits more comfortably, too. Beck Crothers

• The goblet is wonderful – you do superior work. You will have all my silver restoration business! Timothy C. Flynn, MD

• The pieces are beautiful! Thanks so much for your help, you did a magnificent job! Bob Bothamley

• We received the cigarette box on Monday and Duer wanted me to let you know what a great job you did on the box. It looks awesome and one day when he and his wife are not around, one of his children will cherish it. Reesa T. Roberts

• The knives have arrived safely and look beautiful! Thank you so much for the wonderful job that you did which I very much appreciate. I could not be more pleased! Matthew Wilson

• The silver arrived this morning. Thanks, it looks great. I appreciate your work and the care you took to repair this old piece. The repair cannot be seen at all. Diane Nagorka

• The 3 pieces of silver arrived today via UPS. They are just beautiful! I am extremely grateful to you for making the repairs and restoring them to their glory. Margaret Wade

• Just wanted to tell you I received the spoons and I'm DELIGHTED with the work you did – they look good as new!!  I'll certainly recommend you to my friends and family. Judy Miller

• The box of silver arrived yesterday and is just excellent. The salvers are amazing. Before, they looked like aluminum. Millicent Creech, M. Ford Creech Antiques

• What a pleasant surprise and just in time for Christmas. I may give this bracelet to my mother.  You can just imagine how excited I am to have been lucky enough to find a talented silversmith such as yourself. I just had the sense that you were very detailed and exact in your craft. Cynthia Illicete-Burns

• Thank you very much for the work you did on my Torun Mobius bracelet. It looks like new. I am thrilled with it and it is garnering many compliments. Sue Ryan

• We received the candlesticks and ladles today, and they look just beautiful! You did a superb job repairing and restoring them – thank you! Russell Patience

• Received, fixed, repaired, glorious looking shine, perfection...extremely pleased...such a feeling of trust that you do what you do so very well. Gail Bloom

• I just opened up my package and what can I say? You outdid yourself. The pieces look great. I wish I had found you sooner. You have a customer for life. Ravi Mathura

• The coffee pot turned out excellent and I'm very satisfied. In the future when the store gets in something in need of expert care, I or we will be sure to call upon you. Philip Desormeaux

• Our silver candlesticks came today, your outstanding promptness in shipping  is wonderful. We are more than delighted with your talented workmanship. We never could have believed it was possible to restore them into such beautiful condition. They are superb! Patricia Kobel

• I've never seen a more perfect Web site. I've spent at least an hour wandering around yours. What a wealth of information. So clean, easy, factual, informative, and most helpful. Betty Wagner

• Thank you for the beautiful repair and restoration of my creamer and sugar bowl. They both look brand new – exquisite. I actually gasped when I unwrapped them! I truly appreciate your willingness to go above and beyond when you took this job. Your reputation proceeded you, and you lived up to it...and then some! Jessica Martischang

• We received the trophies today and we are blown away with them. They are just magnificent and will certainly be envied by the contestants. I can't wait to show them off in January. Bill Moore, New York State Golf Association

• The hip flask arrived today, and what can I say but, thank you! You are a genius. Its perfect, we are thrilled and will send you any other silver work in the future. Kathi Roberston

• I received my Gorham nut spoon last night and I cannot emphasize enough how pleased I am with the way it came out. You are, to put it simply, a master at what you do! My family will cherish this piece forever! Thank you so much for the time you must have put into this and for making it affordable for me to get this piece worked on. This was a bit of a learning experience for me. I am somewhat aware of the limitations when it comes to repair work, however, and so there have been several pieces that I have come into contact with that I have stayed away from because I didn't have a top tier silversmith to do the work for me. I found your site and loved the material you had posted there. I also was intrigued that you had actually worked at Gorham. I purchased this nut spoon with you in mind. I was hoping that your miracle work was as good as advertised so that I would have someone like you in the future when I came across items like this. You more than delivered on your promise! In closing, thank you again for an A+ experience. This will not be the only piece I send your way. David C. Walters

• The pots have arrived safe and sound.They are more beautiful than ever and so sturdy. It was well worth the wait. I shall be using them more happily then ever. Thank you. I  know this is what you do but it is always joyful to see and have the work of a master craftsman. J. Haas

• You did the Sheffield sticks for me a few weeks ago. Just wanted  to let you know that the client was thrilled with the sticks! Great job on a problem that needed expert work and thanks so much. I'll  definitely be asking you the next time I have silver to repair. Susan Sinclair, Ph.D.

• I wanted to thank you for posting the article on silver care.  It answered every question I have mulled through a lifetime of silver polishing and storing, will enable me to go through the products I've acquired and cull out the harmful or ineffective ones, and although I may not choose to take all your advice every time, at least I know the danger I am flirting with, and best of all, where to send it if I screw up. Fran Hays

• I received the candlestick. I am a neurotic perfectionist. Even by my standards, your work is perfect. Debra Romanick Baldwin

• You truly are remarkable!  As you may know, the Japanese recognize their best living artists/craftspersons as national treasures, and I've always likedthat concept. You would certainly be such if the US had such a system. Willard Brown

• The spoons arrived safely several days ago. They are just beautiful. You did a remarkable job with them. I am so happy to have them restored and glad that I found you. Marion Robinson

• I just wanted you to know that I received your shipment and although I did not open every piece of my flatware, the ones I did open look terrific. Thanks for your work and the prompt service. Also I am appreciative of your links to other resources. It looks like - thanks to you - I may have  finally identified the maker of a sterling coffee set I have owned for 40 years. Also using your links, I hope to find a resource for selling this set so that someone else may enjoy it for the next 40+ years. It has been wonderful doing business with such a caring professional.  Thanks again. Lorraine Haynes

• I just wanted to tell you that the silver repairs were beautifully done! I am so happy with your workmanship and will happily refer people to you. Melissa Gergel

• I LOVE your website!  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I quickly found your website last year when I wanted to clean my mother's silver-plated tea set. Using what I learned on your site, I successfully cleaned about 35 years' worth of neglect of purplish-black tarnish. Tess Wertyschyn

• The candlesticks arrived this morning and look absolutely marvelous! Thank you so very much for such a beautiful job. Now off they go to Holland for a wonderful wedding gift! I appreciate your fine work very much and I thank you. Pat Rothell

• Just a quick note to thank you SO MUCH for BEAUTIFUL job you did on my salt and pepper shakers. I could not believe how gorgeous they looked when I opened the box!!! You are fabulously talented&ldots;and I am so glad I found you. My gift was the hit of the bridal shower and my sisters were amazed at how great they looked&ldots;.like new, really. Betsy Butler

• I received my knife yesterday and you did a wonderful, spectacular repair on it. I am just so pleased I can't find enough words to tell you how impressed I am with your outstanding silver work. Thank you a million times. This knife was very special to me. Irene Prouty

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