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Services Offered

New Service: Tracheostomy Tube Restoration


I'm acknowledged as the foremost expert in silver welding with the PUK Pulse Arc Welder. This technology
allows me to perform many repairs with sterling instead of traditional silver solder.
Above I'm repairing a split finial. See the results here and here.

Objects I Work On
Holloware (vessels), flatware, objet d'art, dresserware, and jewelry (including Berlin iron). I have repaired, reconstructed, and hand polished everything from historically important tankards, tea services, and tureens to disposal-damaged and dishwasher-dulled flatware. I accept customer work from around the world.

Metals I Work On
Sterling, coin, Britannia silver (.9584% fine silver), and all other solid silver alloys (.875, .800, etc.), solid gold alloys (18k, 14k, 10k), pewter, mixed metals, fused plate (commonly known as Sheffield plate).

Other Materials I Work With in the Restoration Process
Ebony, rosewood and other exotic woods, fruitwood, pre-ban ivory, plastics, Micarta, base metal, etc.

Depending on what your object requires, I use one or more of the following methods:



will make an object or damaged area on that object look new, or to make it look its age without any noticeable damage or repair. This may involve major reconstruction, dent and scratch removal, and creating new parts such as coffee and teapot handles, finials, and pre-ban ivory insulators.



deals with the surface of an object (including corrosion removal), doing the least amount of harm to its original finish. Hand cleaning and/or hand polishing is used whenever possible as a conservation technique to retain the surface integrity of every piece leaving my shop. Patinating (antiquing) is used on objects that have been mishandled or neglected, and to give them a three-dimensional appearance. I can also remove lacquer without harm to the object.



stabilizes an object from further deterioration. This may entail using an archival wax to maintain the surface finish and may be requested on any object.

Professional Silver Polishing
Some people simply don't enjoy polishing silver or have  time in their busy schedules. I understand. I do all the polishing myself as I have no apprentices. Click here to see some before and after images of pieces that have been gently brought back to life then cleaned with Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Soap so you can unwrap your silver use it immediately.




Monogram Removal
This is a very sensitive subject which is discussed in detail here.

Disposal-Damaged Flatware
Oh those nasty garbage disposals. Your flatware slides so nicely down the hole and into awaiting blades and eliciting those horrible sounds of grinding and mashing. Is it a total disaster? Most likely not. Tines can be straightened, bowls re-rounded, and gouges removed. Just send an image(s) for an estimate.

Stainless Flatware Replacement Components
Installation of stainless steel knife blades, carving sets, pie and cake servers, salad servers, bottle openers, etc. To see the styles available, go here.

Tracheostomy Tube Restoration
This is the most important service I provide since it could be a matter of life death. I can remove dents, pulse arc weld cracks, repair hinges and locking devices, reform tubes, and add sterling to the ends of older tracheostomy and inner cannula tubes so they will function for many more years.

A Note on the Above Services
Since every piece has its own repair resolution, a visual assessment must be made to price accurately. All inquiries are welcome and estimates are free. If you have an object or interested in bidding on a piece in need of my services, please e-mail the following:

1. A CLEAR image(s) of the object or URL of where it is on the Web;
2. What the object is made of (sterling, .800, silverplate, pewter, etc.). How to identify solid silver;
3. The object's largest dimension;
4. What you would like accomplished;
5. E-mail me now with the above information.

Service Pricing
For a partial listing of prices, please click here.

Silver Clinics
A silver clinic can be a useful marketing tool to bring new and established customers into your store. I will demonstrate silver cleaning and polishing techniques, describe how objects were created, identify makers' marks, and offer advice on silver restoration projects. I will  train your sales staff how to properly handle and polish silver, proper care to maintain its luster and shine, as well as long-term storage.

Before you recommend a particular silver polish, please visit The Care of Silver page first.




Studio Logic Workshop
Visit the shop of a professional silversmith and experience decades of what I've learned, along with "tricks of the trade." Bring your camera and pieces you would like to discuss or work on. Hands-on participation is encouraged. Review what will be discussed and/or demonstrated here.

Manufacturing Consulting
Does the company you work with give you shoddy quality? Is your manufacturer telling you their craftsmanship is the industry's highest standard, but you're not convinced? I can help. I will evaluate the object and give you a written critical assessment of its quality and how it can be improved to the standards you demand.

Mass-Production Services
Do you have an idea for a product but have no idea about how to get it into production? I can help! I work with very responsive companies that will create a quality product for you in small or large quantities. They'll even supply custom packaging for your pieces, ready for your customers' display cases. If you can imagine it, it can be created!  If you have an idea, call me at 800/339-0417.




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