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Silver Price Guide
Silver Appraisers
Silver Identification
Silver Dealers & Auction Houses
Silver & Its Uses
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Silver Price Guide

Silver Appraisers

    Organizations / Companies


    Value My Stuff
    Silver experts from Sothebys value silver, plated silver, and objects of vertu such as small personal items and Russian silver and Fabergé. Collectible silver includes such items as early spoons, English and Continental tea and coffee sets, candelabras and trays as well as statuary and religious items. Basic appraisals start at $15. Here's an example.

    Silver Appraisals From Antiques Roadshow
    A great searchable resource from years of silver appraisals.



    E.B. Horn Co.
    Stephen Vaughan
    429 Washington St.
    Boston, MA 02108

    Match Safe Appraisals
    Neil Shapiro, 128 Lancaster St., Albany, NY 12210-1904, 518/436-9522,
    Mr. Shapiro is an avid match safe collector and member of the International Match Safe Association. He offers free appraisals and research including names of makers or manufacturers, history, or materials of a particular match safe. If he can't help I will refer you to someone who can.


Silver Identification

Flatware Styles

    Detecting Modified Silver and Silver-plated Flatware
    Gain knowledge about modified flatware items that have been altered to make it appear to be a more valuable, rare or unusual piece.

    Flatware Pattern Guide (Silverplate)
    If you know the pattern name but not the manufacturer.

    Flatware Pattern Guide (Sterling)
    If you know the pattern name but not the manufacturer.

    Flatware Pattern Guide (Sterling, Coin, Silverplate, White Metal)
    If you know the manufacturer but not the pattern name.

    Flatware Pattern Guide (Stainless Steel)
    If you know the manufacturer but not the pattern name.

    Flatware Utensil Guide
    Do you know the difference between a sugar scoop and a sugar shovel? No? This is a great guide to identify what you've been using all these years.


    Hallmarks, Housemarks & Makers' Marks (What's the difference?)

    American Arts & Crafts Makers' Marks
    An educational, research-oriented site on Arts & Crafts silver.  The site contains numerous examples, hundreds of silver marks, bibliographies, and silver resources such as old catalogs, and the full text and photos from silver articles that appeared in early 20th century publications.

    American Silver Marks (Silversmiths & Silver Companies)
    Extensive listing of silversmiths and manufacturers' housemarks. Also rarely seen Baltimore assay marks.

    American Silversmiths by William Erik Voss
    This is a single occupation/single tree study of American silversmiths. It links together, by blood or marriage, more than 1000 makers as far ranging as Robert Sanderson, working in Boston c.1640, to William Herbert Thurber who saw his family's company, Tilden-Thurber of Providence, Rhode Island, into the 20th century. In addition, Voss has included information on related pewtersmiths, clockmakers, artists, and metal engravers when available. This reference for collectors contains 3,853 silversmiths, jewelers, watchmakers, and other related craftsmen included in my larger family project, American Silversmiths.

    Baltimore Assay Marks
    The only time and place in the U.S. where hallmarks were required on silver.

    British Hallmarking System
    Discover the meaning behind all of those marks - it's fascinating!

    British & Irish Silver Makers' Marks
    A fantastic and HUGE site for makers' marks from Birmingham, Chester, Dublin, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, London, Newcastle, Sheffield, and York.

    British & Irish Silver Date Letters
    To date your silver from its hallmark, first identify the assay office (e.g. anchor for Birmingham, leopard's head for London, etc.). Then click on the appropriate link to go to the tables of date letters. If you are unable to identify the assay office from one of the town marks, you may have a piece of imported silver. Town marks for imported silver have differed from the normal marks since 1904. Illustrations of the various import marks are shown on the Import Marks page.

    Fused Plate (also known as Sheffield Plate) Marks
    The name applied to a variety of articles of domestic use or ornament, made of copper fused to silver by a special and now abandoned process. Many of these objects were actually manufactured in Birmingham, but as the secret of producing the material was discovered and brought to perfection in Sheffield, the name of that town was naturally connected with it, and thence transferred to articles constructed from it.

    Chinese Export Silver Marks
    Sometimes confusing, but always interesting.

    International Encyclopedia of Hallmarks, & Makers' Marks
    Outstanding compendium of silver marks from around the world, especially Russian marks.

    Hallmarks Encyclopedia
    More than 15,000 hallmarks from around the world with more being added as discovered.

    Sheffield Fused Plate (now known as fused plate)
    A very rare resource for these tough to find marks.


    Family Crests

    Family Crest Identification new
    Family crests are an element of heraldry which evolved in the Middle Ages to identify the wearer of armour in battle and flourished with the popularity of jousting tournaments. Heraldic markings started with simple colours and shapes and became more complicated over time.


Silver Companies (American)

    Gorham Manufacturing Company / Reed & Barton / International Silver Company / Towle Silversmiths / Wallace Silversmiths
    Above companies now owned by LifetimeBrands, 1000 Stewart Ave., Garden City, NY 11530, 516/683-6000 questions@lifetimebrands.com.

    The Gorham Manufacturing Archive at Brown University
    Visit America's largest industrial archive! Also see roster of Gorham craftsmen.

    The Gorham Archive Blog
    The Gorham Archive weblog is intended as a forum for sharing information on the Gorham Manufacturing Company of Providence, Rhode Island (1831-2001) and its products.  Principle contributors will be staff at Brown and RISD currently working on the IMLS-funded collaborative project to design a database for the Gorham Archive. Theay encourage participation from scholars, museum curators, collectors and others interested in and knowledgeable about elements of Gorham history.

    International Silver Company / Meriden Brittania Company / Rogers Bros.
    Wilcox Silver Plate Company / Wm. Rogers
    Above companies archived at the Meriden Historical Society, Records Center, 1090 Hanover Rd., S. Meriden, CT 06450, 203/639-1913. Hours: Wednesdays 2:00-4:30 pm.

    Lunt Silversmiths
    After declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy in mid-December 2009, Lunt's assets were acquired by competing silver manufacturer Reed & Barton of Taunton, MA (now a LifetimeBrands company). The design drawings from Lunt are now housed at Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library, 5105 Kennett Pike, Wilmington, DE 19735, 800/448-3883.

    Stieff (out of business)
    Scott Perkins built the best resource for anyone researching Stieff's history and product identification. There is also a small section on Schofield Silver


    Individual Silversmiths

    Paul de Lamerie
    A mini-biography on Engand's most prominent Dutch-born silversmith.

    Paul Revere
    Visit this site to find out more about America's most renowned silversmith. Of equal interest is Paul Revere's family tree and the Paul Revere Heritage Project.

    William Spratling Silver
    A great Web site with information on Mexico's most famous silversmith, William Spratling.

    Paul Storr
    England's most prominent English-born silversmith.

Silver Dealers & Auction Houses

A.B. Levy
211 Worth Ave.
Palm Beach, FL 33480

Greenwald Antiques
28480 Chagrin Blvd.
Woodmere Village, OH 44122

As You Like It Silver Shop
3033 Magazine St.
New Orleans, LA 70115

Heritage Auction Galleries
1518 Slocum St.
Dallas, TX 75207

Beverly Bremer Silver Shop
3164 Peachtree Rd. N.E.
Atlanta, GA 30305

M. Ford Creech Antiques
581 South Perkins Rd.
Memphis, TN 38117

• Carman's Collectables
PO Box 258
Levittown, PA 19059

Marsh & Ackerman Antiques
PO Box 373
Swansea, MA 02777
508/675-4889, Cell: 508/277-9942

20 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020

Online Sterling
2075 S. University Blvd.  #280
Denver, CO 80210

Drucker Antiques, Inc.
487 East Main Street, Ste. 197
Mount Kisco, NY 10549

Reliable Gold
81 Wayland Ave.
Providence, RI 02906

Firestone & Parson
8 Newbury St.
Boston, MA 02116

1334 York Ave.
New York, NY 10021

Silver & Its Uses


See engraving samples here.

    Steece Hermanson, Heirloom Hand Engraving
    PO Box 3807, Sumter, SC 29151, 888/481-3249, Fax: 888/481-3238,

    Mitch Moschetti, Fine Hand Engraving new
    Hand engraver since 1981. Experienced in all decorative styles, your design or mine. Traditional scrollwork & lettering are specialties on all metals & articles, including jewelry, musical instruments, vessels, Judaica, etc. Small production runs are welcome. Asheville, NC, 828/891-4305,

    Brian Powley Engravers
    Brian uses traditional hammer and chisel, push engraving, acid-etching and pneumatic GraverMax technology. He specializes in firearms, musical instruments, knives, jewelry and restores the original factory stampings on antique auto parts. Brian is well known in the music industry as one of the nation's premier flute engravers. For the past 10 years, he also engraved the "Gun of the Year" featured in The American Handgunner Magazine, where he is also a freelance writer. 206 Oakwood Ave., Bloomingdale, OH 43910, 740/543-8448,

    Adone T. Pozzobon
    Specializing in highly detailed signet rings. 6 Leamington Ave., Etobicoke, Ontario M8Z 2W4 Canada, 416/231-9973, 877/231-9973,

Museums with Major Collections

Metal Newsgroups

Antique Silver
A place for dealers & collectors

ASCAS - Association of Small Collectors of Antique Silver
This is a free association between collectors and lovers of antique silver.

A discussion group dealing with metalworking subjects.


    The gem and jewelry world's foremost information resource on the Internet.

    Silver Society of Canada
    The Silver Society of Canada counts collectors, dealers, auction houses, and museums personnel to its membership. Our mission is to further knowledge about antique and modern silver. You find news and articles on the homepage and many more in the archives.

Silver Periodicals

    The Eden Sterling Company
    Publishers of The Historical Catalogue Series. This is a series of seven professionally reprinted silver trade catalogues from the late 19th century and early 20th century. See Scott V. Martin's review of Eden's Unger Bros. catalog here.

    Silver Magazine
    The only publication specializing in the entire field of silver, featuring the finest in research pertaining to the world of silver, with articles on primarily antique English, Continental, and Colonial American silver.

    SM Publishers
    Publishers of The Book of Silver, Flatware Silver Marks & Patterns, and The Guide to Evaluating Gold & Silver Objects.

Restoration Specialists By Medium

    Armour Restoration: Nigel Carren
    Historic european armour recreated and restored. 16th and 17th century armour and works in miniature a speciality.

    Book Restoration & Conservation: Jeffrey S. Peachey
    Peachey is the owner of a New York City-based studio specializing in the conservation of books for individuals, institutions and collectors. He is a Professional Associate in the American Institute for Conservation and was Chair of the Conservators In Private Practice in 2007-8. For more than 20 years, he has specialized in the conservation of books and paper artifacts for institutions and individuals. He has served as a consultant to major libraries and university collections in the New York City region and nationally.

    Ceramic Restoration & Conservation: The Restoration Studio
    Rho Brown is the owner and senior conservator. While her specialty is ceramic and glass restoration, she also restores art objects of ivory, jade, wood, marble, stone, and bronze, your collectible dolls (including restringing, cleaning, cutting & sewing of clothes).

    Clock, Watch & Automata Restoration: Memoria Technica
    Seattle-based workshop offering a range of services, including conservation and restoration of automata, mechanical music objects, and complicated musical automata clocks and watches. Our treatment options range from a quick assessment and stabilization to full, in-depth conservation and analysis.

    Cookware Restoration: East Coast Tinning
    Jim Hamann refurbishes copper pots and pans by retinning the cooking surface with the traditional hand-wiped method. Any dents are repaired and the exterior copper is polished to a new shine.

    Crystal Restoration: Bruening Glass Works
    Enormously talented craftsman with a wide range of knowledge. Endorsed by Waterford and Orrefors.

    Enamel Restoration: Rosanna Polizzotto
    Rosanna has a BFA in painting and attended the Art Students League and The School of Visual Arts in New York City.  You will not be able to see the repair with the naked eye and in most cases with a ten power loupe. All enameling is done with a conservators approach using a cold technique which preserves the original work.

    Furniture Restoration & Conservation: Period Furniture Conservation
    Yuri Yanchyshyn is the principal and senior conservator of Period Furniture Conservation, a New York City firm dedicated to furniture and objects conservation. Prior to founding the company, Yuri worked as a consulting conservator at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. His firm's clients include museums, historical societies, auction houses, collectors, fine arts advisors, dealers, designers, architects, and other conservators. 

    Gilding Restoration: Gold Leaf Restoration
    For 30 years, Gold Leaf Restoration has been at the forefront of bringing the medieval art of gilding into the modern age. Gilding, which is the painstaking application of a thin metal “leaf” or film to a wide variety of surfaces, is often valued for reasons of historical accuracy, as well as the uniqueness it imparts to modern objects.

    Glass Restoration (Damage): Michael Bokrosh
    Michael Bokrosh Glass Sculpture Studio finds innovative ways to repair and restore your antique glass & glass art sculptures so that the collector can once again appreciate the beauty and design the original artist had intended. He specializes in Murano glass repair, as well as Waterford, Lalique, Daum, Kosta Boda, Orrefors, Stueben, and all contemporary glass artists. Bokrosh also creates his own glass sculptures using optical glass – some of the finest glass in the world.

    Glass Restoration (Cleaning & Polishing): Good Ole' Bottles
    Removal of cloudiness (sickness) associated with calcium build-up or staining.

    Ivory Restoration: The Japanese Repository, Ron Fromkin
    Restoring ivory, horn, antler, bone, mother of pearl, and inlays in natural materials, and some limited tortoiseshell items with mostly man-made materials. Ron also does small ivory and wood carving of any type, small turning in ivory, bone, and wood. Beautiful chess set restoration.

    Japanese Sword Polishing & Restoration: Robert Benson
    Robert Benson is one of a small number of American experts on Japanese sword polishing. He studied sword polishing & appraisal under three top teachers, including Koke Ono, a " living treasure" in Japan and at that time was head sword polisher for the National Museum in Tokyo. In 1967, the Japanese recognized Benson as being the first non- Japanese to have studied sword polishing and first non-Japanese to have been honored by the National Museum with a certificate recognizing him as a polisher of distinction. Since then he has been restoring swords for both Japanese and American collectors.

    Jewelry Restoration: Hratch Babikian Studios
    Finding innovative ways to restore and repair antique and contemporary jewelry pieces so the owner may once again enjoy wearing the objects as they were originally intended. More than 35 years in the industry, Hratch pays close attention to every detail, from retipping stone setting prongs to replacing damaged areas to resizing rings. Also specializing in renovating and rehabbing heirloom jewelry into more modern works. PO Box 63573, Philadelphia, PA 19147, 215/465-9351, hratchbabikian@verizon.net

    Mirror Restoration (Resilvering): Alchemy Mirror Resilvering
    Megan and Tom use the traditional pour method to resilver and finish with orange shellac as a sealer. Excellent work! 1768 Laurel Ave., St. Paul, MN 55104, 651/641-1125.

    Niello Restoration: David L. Huffman Studios
    David has worked with niello since he learned the technique from Professor Fike back in the early 70's, and has applied it to fabricated and cast jewelry articles as well as vessels, watch cases, etc., working in both silver and gold alloys. He makes his own niello from silver, lead, copper and sulfur which is a deep blue-black and able to take a high polish. He has experience in the most challenging applications such as round and spherical objects and areas where the application is in very shallow relief. 26 Main St., Cortland, NY 13045, 607/756-0551.

    Paper Restoration & Conservation: McGannon Studios
    Offering complete museum quality conservation and restoration of paper artifacts. The wide array of works on paper that can be preserved include prints, drawings, watercolors, maps, pastels, historical and personal documents and paper memorabilia.

    Picture Frame Easels: Flech Paper Products, Inc.
    Makers of custom-made easels in various styles and materials for new and antique picture frames.

    Porcelain Restoration: Luel Restoration Studio
    Porcelain repair services for plates, sculpture, vases, and figurines. Bisque and porcelain dolls repaired.

    Tortoiseshell Restoration: Coromandel Antique Restoration
    Specialists in high quality antique box, tea caddy, and tortoiseshell restoration in the UK. They restore and repair a wide range of small antiques and collectibles, particularly those made from or decorated with tortoiseshell, ivory, bone, mother of pearl, horn, shibayama, rosewood, ebony, and other specialty woods.

    Weaving Restoration: Anne Bowers
    Restoration of handle wrapping (e.g. water kettles, cream pots, coffee and teapot handles), minor basketry repair, etc. Reed and cane. Recommended by Winterthur and conservationists from National Park service. 304/752-0567, dansgen@frontiernet.

Other Sites of Interest

    Christie's Guide to Collecting Silver
    Christie’s specialist Harry Williams-Bulkeley gives seven tips on collecting silver – from finding a show-stopping centrepiece to beating tarnish

    Museum of Fine Arts Silver Collection Search
    The MFA offers a fantastic view into their magnificent silver collection with discriptions of each piece

    Chinese Silver
    A site dedicated to Chinese export silver.

    Styles of Antique Silver
    An excellent encyclopedia of styles from Queen Ann through Queen Victoria from London retailer I. Franks. You can search by time period, then object.

    Antique Georgian Silver Sugar Tongs
    Web-site dedicated to silver sugar tongs mainly covering the approximate period from 1760 to 1820 but also beyond into the early Victorian era.  Only sugar tongs that were made in the UK and Ireland are featured here although there were many other countries making sugar tongs during this period.

    Match Safes
    Nice collection of sterling match safes - primarily American and British.

    Restoration Terminology & Definitions
    Prepared by Professional Restorers International, this glossary has a wealth of information  pertaining to the restorers' field.

    Professional Restorers International
    The PRI web site is a directory of professional restorers, refinishers, and conservators. Each PRI member has an informative page with outline of their services. Through a search of these member pages, a prospective client can find the appropriate person for their project.

    Coin Database
    Catalogues of Euro Coins and coins from the United Kingdom, United States, Spain, Portugal, France, Ireland and Germany with full mint details of size, dimensions, metal composition, mintages and full color pictures.

    How to Clean Coins
    After buying or finding ancient coins they generally need cleaning. More often than not they have a thick encrustation on them from being buried for thousands of years. On first look they can appear to be completely featureless in many cases. In general terms those that you can see at least some detail on will tend to clean up quite well. Whilst those that have no identifiable marks on normally carry about a 60% success rate. It really does depend on a number of factors as to exactly how many will clean up successfully.

    American Numismatic Society
    An organization dedicated to the study of coins, currency, medals, tokens, and related objects from all cultures, past and present. The Society's headquarters in New York City has the foremost research collection and library specialized in numismatics in the United States. These resources are used to support research and education in numismatics, for the benefit of academic specialists, serious collectors, professional numismatists, and the interested public.

    Costume Jewelry Designers & Company Information
    Information on costume jewelry designers and the jewelry marks they used on their respective designs.

    Illustrated Dictionary of Jewelry
    A great glossary on jewelry terms.

    The Museum of Antique Samovars
    An enormous Russian private collection consisting of more than 400 items. You'll find samples from the most famous samovar factories and amazing examples of English and American bouillottes as well as items that serve different purposes.

    American Numismatic Society
    The American Numismatic Society is a museum and research institute devoted to the study of coins from all periods and cultures.

    Barneby's Auctions
    Search for silver at auctions from around the globe.

    Feigon Hamilton
    A consulting and staffing firm comprised of a variety of professionals who synergistically offer their knowledge and experience in the art of private household service. They provide information and training that enables estates and households to work like an empowered organization that supports all of its participants: family, household staff and service providers.

    The International Institute of Modern Butlers
    Butlers and Household Managers have traditionally been responsible for looking after the silver (from the flatware to any silver art pieces) in the households they serve. As a consequence, the silversmith often maintained a close working relationship with butlers - and vice versa. That tradition continues to this day and I, too, am associated with the butler profession via the International Institute of Modern Butlers.

    The International Perfume Bottle Association
    A worldwide nonprofit organization of perfume bottle collectors & dealers with over 1,000 members in 20 countries. Membership includes a quarterly color magazine, an annual world-class convention focusing on education as well as sales, monthly e-mail news releases, a lending library of rare and out of print books, and more.

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