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This is where I do the polishing. I use a 1.5HP Baldor motor with a shaft extension I had made at a machine shop. The ducting behind the buff can be positioned anywhere in the booth. The Astroturf on the floor of the booth is used to catch fiber debris from constantly circulating, plus it acts as a cushion should something fall out of my hands. The buffs are all kept above and away from becoming contaminated, with rouges and their buffs kept in covered containers. To the right is an additional flexible shaft which is used on objects that have tough-to-reach areas. Attached to the orange air hose is a right angle grinder that I use for abrading and polishing trays. The dust collector to the left of the polishing bench is called a "bag house" since 20 bags hang inside filtering particulate generated from buffing. To the right of the polishing machine is a cardboard box containing cotton gloves. Atop the Aercology dust collector sits a split lap for polishing objects flat. The felt disk has slits in it so when you polish the piece from underneith, you can see what your'e doing! I always use a respirator when buffing for additional lung protection. For a close-up of the enclosure interior, go here.

If you're a metalsmith, this is the particulate respirator I use when polishing.


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